You don’t need a landing page.

Landing pages are great once you know your customers. Yes, build a website, but it doesn't need to be your first step.

You don’t need a landing page.
You need to talk to your target users and listen to their problems.
If you can solve their problems, you need to try and make a sale.
The irony?
Landing pages are much easier to make after you've had these conversations. Your customers will give you your sales copy if you just listen carefully and write it down.
At the beginning you don't understand what your customer wants or needs, so talk to customers first, they'll write your copy for you if you pay attention to what they say.
The more customers you talk to, the more you understand what it is that you're really selling.
A website provides social proof, it re-iterates your key selling proposition, it's a useful reference. Landing pages are great once you know what your customers!
But none of that matters at the beginning.
Yes build a website, but it doesn't need to be anyone's first step when building something new.
What should you do instead?
Literally just talk to your customers and try to make a sale, reach out 1-1.
You could drive people to dm you instead of to your landing page. It comes off as less spammy in communities which are sensitive to promotion. Cut out as many steps as you can and talk to people where they are.
You don't need a landing page to have a conversation.
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