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Feb 1, 2019
Worldwide Baby
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Indie Worldwide is a social club and virtual incubator for bootstrapped startups.
A typical Indie Worldwide founder has bootstrapped their business to between $1,000 and $50,000 per month. There are no income, age, or location requirements to join. If you want to build a startup project on your own terms then this is the community for you.
To get access to our very active Slack group, full members-only events calendar, partner benefits, and 1-1 intro's, consider applying to Founders' Club:
For upcoming events see here:
What you'll find at Indie Worldwide:
  • Passionate founders and indie hackers to bounce ideas off of.
  • Business partners, clients, and beta testers.
  • Motivation and support from people going through the same journey.
  • A global network impossible to create if you only meet people in your own city.
For sponsorship opportunities contact → partners [at]
Indie Worldwide is an online meetup group for hackers, makers, and founders.
We host multiple meetups a month, sometimes inviting guests for live Q&A sessions.
Indie Worldwide currently has over 1000 members across Facebook, Slack, and our Email List.
Our landing page was implemented by the fine folks over at Design Joy which I implemented using Gatsby.js

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I’m also tweeting at @AnthonyCastrio and running a community for bootstrapped founders at Indie Worldwide where I make curated introductions between founders based on their revenue and goals.
See you there,